FEES STRUCTURE (A.Y. 2023 - 2024)




  1. Payment of Fees for Curriculum and Miscellaneous will only be accepted via Cheque, Demand Draft or Online Payment Method. “NO CASH ALLOWED”
  2. Tuition Fees can be paid using various methods such as Cash, Cheque, Online Payment using MyClassBoard School Application
  3. Cheque and Demand Draft needs to be filled before hand. Blank Cheques will not be accepted henceforth
  4. Please mention the payee name on the cheque as “Mahima International Christian School” (For Primary & Secondary i.e. Std. 1 – 10) & “Mahima Christian School” (For Pre-Primary i.e. N3, K4 & K5)
  5. Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances
  6. Please Note that all the textbooks, notebooks, journals will be provided by the school which is charged under curriculum fees.
  7. A fine of Rs. 500 will be levied on every Cheque which is dishonored by the bank.
  8. A fine will be charged on fees paid after due dates. Mentioned are the fines for different particulars
    a. Term Fee Late Payment (After Due Date) Rs. 50/- for each term
    b. Curriculum Fees (After Due Date) Rs. 100/-
    c. Miscellaneous Fees (After Due Date) Rs. 100/-
    d. Monthly Fees (After Due Date) Rs. 50/- for every month delayed
  9. Due date for Monthly Fees is 5th of Every Month. Monthly Fees can be paid in various installment please contact the office for the same
  10. Miscellaneous Fees can be paid in 3 Installment (First Installment by 30th June 2023, Second Installment 30th September 2023, Third Installment 30th December 2023)
  11. Curriculum Fees can be paid in 2 Installment (First Installment by 10th June 2023, Second Installment 15th August 2023)