As John A Sheehan States “Sports is an essential element of Education, We at Mahima firmly believe in the importance of sports as an integral part of a child’s development in education. We aim at including sports as a subject to develop the students physical abilities, fitness and strength.

Outdoor Sports Activity is usually conducted on Wednesdays and Fridays during the months of October to February. Indoor Games like Chess, Carrom, and other Board games which develop thinking, reasoning and other cognitive abilities are also encouraged in the school.

Recently the school has introduced Cricket Coaching for which Mr. Manish Tipnis an experienced former Cricketer is our Head coach. Under his wing, our students have participated in tournaments like the Navi Mumbai Shield, Navi Mumbai Sports Association Cricket Tournament and others. We believe that in the future we will get more such opportunities to participate in and to prove our excellence.

Mrs. Zenith Samuels our Vice Principal has played a key role in introducing and building up sports in the school. She herself an ex-Hockey Player during her school days has a vision for our students both boys and girls to become proficient in and participate in a wide variety such as badminton, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Basketball etc.

We envision a turnout of many skilled high achieving sportspersons from Mahima in the future.