The Beginning of Mahima International Christian School took place in a small town in Incheon, South Korea in the year 1956 when the family of Mr. Gumtak Kong married to Jo Young Soon had their eldest daughter Mrs. Kong Sookja. Neither she nor her parents then knew what lay ahead for her.

In the year 1994, as Madam Sookja explains, she heard an external audible voice asking her to “start a Christian school” in India. Hearing this she immediately began her preparation to start a Christian school in Koparkhairane, Navi Mumbai. She pondered about what would be an appropriate name for the school and finally decided on “MAHIMA”  which means ” Glory”. She has always wanted every child of the school to give glory to God for all what He has and will do in their lives.

She started her journey of Mahima School on her own but very soon God sent her a helper in Mrs. Annamma Mathew to whom Mrs. Sookja Bangera handed over her baton some years later and assigned her the duty of the second principal of the school. Mrs. Annamma Mathew led the school for a decade and retired from service in April 2021. Madam Annamma Matthews admired Madam Sookja’s vision of starting the school and at the initial stages, of founding of the school both attended a teachers training course together.  After the required permission was granted to begin a Pre-Primary School, on July, 15th year 1996 Mahima School was established.

With just one teacher Mrs. Annamma Matthews and 4 children, to begin with, the school opened its doors to educate children. The first premises of the school was located in Koparkhairne, Sector 23 in a small residential home. As the years went by the school was shifted to a Row House in Sector 16.

Gradually the number of students increased and the Pre-Primary section of the school received a lot of appreciation from the parents. In the year 2000, the school applied for permission to run a primary school along with the pre-primary. The permission was granted and by the year 2010 Mahima International Christian School was a school that had  the required registration to run till Standard X

On the 15th of July 2021, Mahima Completed 25 years in the field of Education. The school has seen 11 batches of Standard 10 students graduating through its hands

You can scroll down the history lane and view some of the photos of the earlier years posted below.