At Mahima we take pride in helping children achieve their dreams by supporting or providing scholarship to those who dare to dream and eagerly want to accomplish something in their lives. We also provide education to children from other backgrounds, caste, religion, etc. Since its inception Mahima School’s Founder has always tried to find  ways to support her students in fulfilling their desire of being educated. Our founder Madam Sookja Bangera has always believed and proclaimed aloud that these children are going to be the future of India. If we want to see a change in India we need to provide education to every child with equality.

Since the beginning, until today we have provided free education to numerous students and are happy to see them shine in their own fields. We hope and pray that our city, our State and our Country will one day have the highest literacy all over the world.

Granting of financial support to the students cannot be done alone and we have been blessed with many supporters and donors who have been aiding us as an organization or individually.

We are honored to name some of them : –

  1. OKTO Scholarship Foundation, South Korea
  2. Vitae International, India
  3. Embers International, U.S.A
  4. Love World, South Korea
  5. Individual Donors