OKTO Scholarship Foundation was founded in the year 2017. The Chairman of the foundation is the former Bishop of the South Korean Methodist Church Rev. Won Sung Woong. The Vice-Chairman his son Rev. Won Jung Ha is closely associated with Mahima International Christian School. The Secretary of Mahima Charitable Society Mr. Johny Anthony Bangera is also the Indian Secretary of the Foundation. He mediates the working of the two Trusts.

OKTO Scholarship Foundation since its inception has been awarding scholarships to Mahima Students every semester. Each Semester the Foundation  awards Scholarships based on the following categories

  1. Best in Academics – Tuition Fees x 6 months
  2. Best in Sports – Tuition Fees x 6 months
  3. Best in Spiritual Education – Tuition Fees x 12 months

The Foundation also provides various opportunities for the teaching and non-teaching staff to be encouraged for their dedicated service and to be motivated to achieve better results while they continue to work in the school. The Staff are presented awards in the following manner

  1. Best Educator
  2. Best Physical Educator
  3. Best Administrator

Other than the above-mentioned categories the Foundation also provides Christmas Incentives to the staff every year.

Another special activity that is conducted by the foundation is the organization of Foreign Exchange Programmes. Every Year  One Student who has passed his/her 10th Standard from Mahima International Christian School and who has received recognition from the Principal and teachers, and one teacher gets to visit South Korea to attend the EUC* camp conducted by Heavenly Dream School. The Teacher and the Student get to stay for about 15 days in South Korea to enjoy themselves.

  1. Recipients of the Scholarship
Sr. No.Month & YearScholarship CategoryName of the StudentAmount
1November 2017EducationMs. Radhika Agrahari (Std. 7)Rs. 10,500/-
2November 2017EducationMaster Vikas Dhotre (Std. 9)Rs. 23,000/-
3January 2018Sports & GamesMaster Karan Mhatre (Std. 6)Rs. 3,500/-
4January 2018Sports & GamesMs. Ruth Poojari   (Std. 4)Rs. 2,100/-
5January 2018Art & CraftMs. Tamanna Poyal  (Std. 7)Rs. 2,100/-
6January 2018Art & CraftMs. Sonali Mali    (Std. 3)Rs. 1,400
7September 2018Best in AcademicsMaster Arnav Sul   (Std. 2)Rs. 4,200/-
8September 2018Best in SportsMs. Bindya Maithi  (Std. 9)Rs. 4,800/-
9September 2018Spiritual EducationMs. Ruth Poojari   (Std. 5)Rs. 8,400/-
10February 2019AcademicsMaster Bhaskar Yadav (Std. 7)Rs. 4,200/-
11February 2019SportsMaster Prakash Konnar (Std. 9)Rs. 4,200/-
12February 2019Spiritual EducationMs. Sharon Poojari  (Std. 6)Rs. 8,400/-
13October 2019AcademicsMs. Rashmi Ghadge (Std. 9)Rs. 4,800/-
14October 2019SportsMaster Manoj Vaishnav (Std. 7)Rs. 4,800/-
15October 2019Spiritual EducationMs. Arundhati Thevar (Std. 8)Rs. 9600/-
16January 2020AcademicsMaster Sanket Dhonde (Std. 10)Rs. 4,800/-
17January 2020SportsMaster Tanishq Gavate (Std. 9)Rs. 16,000/-*
18January 2020Spiritual EducationMaster Om Anand Pawar (Std. 9)Rs. 9,600/-
19August 2022AcademicsMs. Rose Choudhary (Std. 7)Rs. 5,400/-
20August 2022SportsMaster Sujal Dhole (Std. 9)Rs. 5,400/-
21December 2022AcademicsMs Yukta Pachpute (Std. 5)Rs. 5,400/-
22December 2022SportsMaster Pratham Nanavare (Std. 8)Rs. 5,400/-
23December 2022Spiritual EducationMaster Sujal Dhole (Std. 9)Rs. 10,800/-
24December 2023AcademicsMaster Aisha Joanes (Std. 1)Rs. 6,000/-
25December 2023SportsMaster Manish Choudhary (Std. 6)Rs. 6,000/-
26December 2023Spiritual EducationMaster Akash Yadav (Std. 9)Rs. 12,000/-
27February 2024AcademicsMs Yukta Ganesh Pachpute (Std. 6)Rs. 6,000/-
28February 2024SportsMst Rohan Sanjay Walke (Std. 7)Rs. 3,000/-
29February 2024SportsMs Janhavi Ashok Sul(Std. 8)Rs. 3,000/-
30February 2024Spiritual EducationMs Rose Arun Kunder (Std. 9)Rs. 12,000/-

*The Student was Given a Cricket Bat of the equivalent amount which was sponsored by OKTO and Mahima School

  1. Recipients of Awardee (Staff)
Sr. No.Academic YearCategoryNameAmount
12018~2019Best TeacherMrs. Annamma MathewRs. 4,000/-
22018~2019Best Sports TeacherMrs. Zenith SamuelsRs. 3,000/-
32018~2019Best AdminMrs. Khushi JagtapRs. 3,000/-
42019~2020Best TeacherMrs. Sheetal SambariRs. 4,000/-
52019~2020Best Sports TeacherMr. Saibaba ShettyRs. 3,000/-
62019~2020Best AdminMrs. Manisha ShindeRs. 3,000/-
72020~2021Best TeacherMrs. Milan RajaRs. 4,000/-
82020~2021Best Sports TeacherMr. Anil SarankuluRs. 3,000/-
92020~2021Best Event OrganizerMrs. Mayuri ShindeRs. 3,000/-
102021~2022Best TeacherMrs. Sarita VazRs. 4,000/-
112021~2022Best Admin & Event OrganizerMrs. Zenith SamuelsRs. 3,000/-
122021~2022Best Sports TeacherMs. Sujee BangeraRs. 3,000/-
132022~2023The David AwardMrs. Shree JoshiRs. 3,000/-
142022~2023The Esther AwardMs. Sahana HussainRs. 2,000/-
152022~2023The Peter AwardMs. Sujee BangeraRs. 2,000/-
162021~2022The Daniel AwardMrs. Milan RajaRs. 3,000/-

From the Academic Year 2021 – 2023 the Category of Staff Awards has been renamed as per the following

  • A. The David Award
    (Goes to the teacher who has led excellently throughout and has been strong at all times.)
  • B. The Esther Award
    (Goes to the teacher who has been excellent in managing administrative work)
  • C. The Peter Award
    (Goes to the teacher who shows sporting abilities throughout the academic year)
  • D. The Daniel Award
    (Goes to the teacher who has taken fewer holidays & been punctual to the school throughout the semester)
  1. Exchange Program
Sr. No.ProgramMonth & YearNames
1ENGLISH UNIFICATION CAMPJuly 20191. Mrs. Sujee Bangera (T)
2. Ms. S.P. Gouthami (S)
2ENGLISH UNIFICATION CAMPJuly 20231. Mr. Anil Sarankulu (T)
2. Mst. Aditya Gauda(S)
  • T – Teacher
  • S – Student
  • *Due to COVID-19 EUC camp for the years 2020, 2021, and 2022 remained cancelled.

    EUC (English Unification Camp) – A camp held for young adults of both South & North Korea. Held during Korean summer here students from Heavenly Dream School and South Korea come together for 5 days. In the camp, they are exposed to the situation in North Korea and gain awareness of the issue of unification. The entire camp is conducted in English and features around 100 volunteer staff from over 10 countries.