Mahima International  Christian School obtained its first school bus in the year 2019. It was gifted(donated) to the school by a generous South Korean Company namely J & G Insurance Corporation.

We educate students  residing in several slums located at a distance from our school. In view of this we needed a vehicle to take these  children from home to school and back home everyday. The School Bus is utilised even for other students who live a distance away from the school. It is currently in operation.

The route of the bus is fixed as per the requirement and students’ home location. At present the bus operates on the following route :

Mahape –> Ghansoli –> Koparkhairne –> Khairne –-> Bonkode –> School

All the safety measures and precautions as per the government norms are strictly complied with. We also have a First Aid Kit & 2 Fire Extinguishers kept in the bus in case of need. The Driver of the Bus Mr. Narayan Wackchoure is an experienced driver who has been driving other schools buses for 10 years before joining us 2 years ago. We  also have a lady attendant to travel in the bus with our children  in fulfilment of government regulations  for the safety of Girl Students travelling in the bus.