Teachers Application

We love to have people visit us and offer their service in any of our projects as it helps increase the amount of service we can offer to the society we wish to serve.

You can volunteer in the following two category

  1. Volunteer in School as an Assistant Teacher
  2. Volunteer in Medical camp
    1. As a Doctor
    2. As a Nurse
    3. As a Physician

To Volunteer in the School :You will need to contact the school and after a short appointment & interview with the principal you will be contacted for further details. To Volunteer in the School, an Indian should be 20 years and above while a foreigner 18 years and above to be accepted. If your Degree (Major) is in Education it will be a great asset for the children but if not, we still believe that the time you spend with the children will be of equal importance for them. Students at Mahima School are growing accustomed to meeting new people – who come visit them to take special classes for a day or for 6 months. They learn to understand you and will get closer to you as the days go by.

We assure you of a fun and fulfilling time with the children when you volunteer in the school.

For more details, Visit the School Website to Register and read testimonials of some of our volunteers who have worked with us before.

To Volunteer in a Medical Camp :You need to hold a degree of Doctor, Nurse or Physician as we keep the medical camp a professional service to the people.

So, if you have the heart to volunteer for the Medical Camp – do contact us. During your time of service, there will be people around you to assist you in anything that could be of help to your service.