Mahima Christian Academy which was the earlier name of Mahima International Christian School began teaching children adopting an American Curriculum “ABEKA” 

Through this curriculum, our founder Madam Sookja Bangera introduced the phonics system of teaching English way back in the year 1996. She found the Abeka  curriculum very effective and creative to teach preprimary students.

Along with the core subjects it also taught students values and virtues which they needed to be follow in their lives The school gradually grew from the Pre-Primary to the Elementary level then further moving on to the Middle School and finally High School. At this stage we had to adapt to the Maharashtra State Board Curriculum from Standard 1 to 10 in order to comply with government regulations. 

The Pre-Primary Continued with the Abeka curriculum until it became difficult to obtain the books from the USA a few
years ago.

Today the Pre-Primary section is being taught through the MacMillan Series for kindergarten students. Our teachers are experienced and possess knowledge of the Abeka Curriculum as well.

The Teachers utilise a blend of Abeka methods of teaching in class along with MacMillan Books for writing exercises and other activities. We plan to revert back to Abeka once the Covid Situation settles down.

The Primary and Secondary sections which comprise of standards 1 to 10 follow the Maharashtra State Board Curriculum. We teach a special subject called H.S.M. (Health, Safety & Manners) which is selected from the Abeka Curriculum as it provides students useful knowledge and important skills for their life. The Subject is taught from Standard 1 to 8. Since Standard 1 and 2 do not have Science as a subject in the Maharashtra State Board we use Abeka Science books for the level to impart scientific knowledge to students of standard 1 & 2.

The following subjects are taught in the school.

  • English (Standard 1 – 10)
  • Marathi (Standard 1 – 10)
  • Hindi (Standard 1 – 10)
  • Maths (Standard 1 – 10)
  • Science (Standard 1 – 10)
  • Social Science (Standard 4 – 10)
  • H.S.M. (Standard 1 – 8)

Besides the Academic Subjects we also teach other subjects such as General Knowledge, Moral Science (Mainly from the Bible), Drawing & Craft.
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