Mrs. Sookja Bangera

Mrs. Kong Sookja Bangera is a Korean nationalist who had a calling from the Lord Almighty to visit this country. She made her first visit in the year 1991. Her plans were not to start a school but when she heard a voice saying “START CHRISTIAN SCHOOL” She immediately obeyed the voice and began her search. She worked in different places to get details how to run a school. Finally in 1996 she started a school. After one year when she was settled with the opening of the school she got married to an Indian Rev. Suraj Bangera who had been a helping hand all the way around for her in her work. In the year 1998 She had her first and only girl Child Sujee Bangera. At present she is residing in India her daughter and husband are studying abroad. She herself is the Pastor of Korean Methodist Church and a member of KMC in India.

She also runs a church in Navi Mumbai. Except opening school Mrs. Sookja Bangera has done social work too. She’s been a real help to all the needy and poor educating them in the school with really less fees and raising sponsors for them. These Children have now really come up to be a great youth of this country. Education is compulsory for each child no one should be left behind is her thought for each and every child of this country. She arranges special English Classes for weaker students to come up well. She was the Principal in the beginning of the school for 11 years she has now passed on the baton to her colleague and good friend Mrs. Annamma Matthews.

Her dreams are very high to lift this school really high and to reach up to the mark of the society and make each children a lady and gentle man in society.