Welcome to Mahima International Christian School. This school was started by our founder Mrs Sookja Kong Bangera (a South Korean) on the 15th of July 1996.She began this school in obedience to a call from the Lord to her to “start a Christian school”.The school commenced with 2 students and 2 teachers headed by Madam Sookja in Kopaarkhairne, Navi Mumbai.

The school has now entered  its 25th year. It has reached many milestones and piled up many achievements since its inception. In the year 2010 the then State Education minister Shri Balasaheb Thorat moved my Mrs Bangera’s service to our nation granted the school registration for Standard X. Subsequently In March 2011 our first batch of 3  students of std X  made history for the school appearing and  passing the SSC Board examination. Our 10th batch of 23 std X students has successfully completed the SSC examination this year.

The staff now comprises of a total of 20 (both teachers and office staff). The staff members are all dedicated to the cause of the school where service is the driving force rather than salary. In the year 2010 Mrs Bangera handed over the baton of the role of Principal to her founder teacher Mrs Annamma Mathew. When Mrs Mathew retired from the post in 2018 the role was handed over to Mrs Sarita Vaz who has been serving in the school since 2002. She is ably assisted by Mrs Zenith Samuels who has been working in Mahima since 2001. Mrs Bangera has placed her son Mr Johny Anthony Bangera as her representative and Secretary of Mahima Charitable Trust to administer the school and help it reach greater heights.

The motto of the school is “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he” s old he will not depart from it” Proverbs 23:1. In strict adherence to this the school focuses on building up the character of each child focusing on each one”s talents and areas of strength. Every child is taught to be a leader to serve others following Christ example in contrast to leadership wielding power and domination.

Though  students of the school belong to all walks of life, it particularly caters to children from underprivileged sections of society and sponsorship is arranged for needy children lacking in financial backing. All the children are treated with equality.

The school functions on *family spirit.” All the teachers are not only academic instructors but also counselors and second mothers to the children. The children are guided to share and care for each other so as to foster a spirit of unity and brotherhood in them in order to groom them to be socially responsible and exemplary future citizens of our country.

Besides academics the students are encouraged to participate in and develop their skills in extra curricular activities and sports. Various competitions and activities are held in the school annually. Our students are also sent to participate in events held by other institutions and organisations like the Times of India  Our students take part in sports tournaments and we now proud to have a cricket team.

We give the glory and credit for all our achievements to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As we move on from year to year we ask Him to bless and guide us along the right path so that we impart the right education to the children He places in our hands. May the school grow from strength to strength in the years to come.