Mahima School is here for the education of the needy and the poor people of this country. It is established to guide every young children of India to become great leaders in the days to come. Mahima School is divided into three different section i.e. The Pre-primary section called as Mahima Christian School, Primary section called Mahima International Christian School and Secondary also having the same name as that of primary section. The slogan for the school is inspired from the book of proverbs chapter 22 verse 6 “TRAIN UP A CHILD IN THE WAY HE SHOULD GO AND WHEN HE IS OLD HE WILL NOT DEPART FROM IT”.

In Mahima each and every child is given special priority as they are the sweet creation of our Lord Almighty. Every child is taught to have good manners towards their citizen, country and fellow mates. Each morning the school starts with praise and worship to the Lord Almighty and then children are also told good moral stories to understand to love, forgive, help, serve, etc. Every year we try our best effort to make our students happy and satisfied from what they want to how they need it. This school is based on the Motto that in everything you do give glory always to the creator who formed you. That’s how the school received its name as Mahima which in English means Glory. The important message of the founder from the beginning is that every child should be trained in a way that he never goes the wrong way. Our teachers have tried their best to do what our founder wants them to do.

We always have received good remarks from other school where our children go. To increase a child’s belief in him/her each child is given opportunity to perform on stage during functions and encouraged as well. At the End the school is always their home and children love to visit their old school every time they get chance and we allow our ex-students to visit and meet all the teachers and their friends to relish the joyful moments they spent in this wonderful school.