Authorities of School

The Authorities of the school are well qualified and wonderful people our school has had since years.

Madam Annamma Mathews (Principal) {B.A., B.Ed.}.

She has been walking hand in hand with the founder from the first day of the school. She has made really well mannered and wonderful children to pass out from Mahima International Christian School. She is been a real blessing to our school. She always worked humbly and devoted her life to each and every child of the school. She’s always stood for the school in times of trouble. It’s great to have a principal like her.

Madam Sarita Vaz (Vice Principal) {M.A., M.Phil}.

She joined the school in 2003 as a music teacher she served as a wonderful music teacher teaching students keyboard and singing . In the year 2005 she joined as a regular teacher teaching different subject like English & Social Studies. Her faithfulness toward the work and dedication with the students she was appointed with the post of Vice Principal in the year 2010. She has been working hand in hand with Madam Annamma Mathews and also has been a wonderful help to our school. She is also the class teacher for 10th Standard

Madam Zenith Samuels (Supervisor/Centre Coordinator) {B.Sc}.

She joined the school in 2001. She began teaching Science, Math, English and Art & Craft. In the year 2010 due to her faithfulness and dedication she was appointed in the post of Supervisor & Centre Coordinator for the school. All the official work & paper is handled by her. She also has love for children and is a wonderful counselor for the 9th & 10th Standard Students. She is also the class teacher for 8th Standard

We have been blessed with such good authorities they are dedicated to their work and also love each child equally. Teachers are treated with love too.


  1. Mrs. Milan Sabariraja              Nursery Teacher
  2. Miss. Ruth Rodricks                 Jr. Kg. Teacher
  3. Mrs. Sheetal Telang                Sr. Kg. Teacher
  4. Mrs. Kavita Mhatre                  Helper

Primary & Secondary

  1. Miss. Sony Khanna                     1  Class Teacher
  2. Mrs. Swati Pawar                         2  Class Teacher
  3. Mrs. Philemona Rego                3  Class Teacher
  4. Mrs. Samriddhi Thakur            4  Class Teacher
  5. Mrs. Priyanda Meshram          5  Class Teacher
  6. Mrs. Varsha Sul                           6  Class Teacher
  7. Mrs. Manisha Shinde                7  Class Teacher
  8. Mrs. Zenith Samuels                 8  Class Teacher
  9. Miss. Ashwini Giri                    9  Class Teacher
  10. Mrs. Sarita Vaz                       10 Class Teacher
  11. Mrs. Priyanka                         Computer Teacher
  12. Miss. Sonali Tandel               Office Administrator
  13. Mrs. Kashi Meshram             Helper
  14. Sir. Dimas De’Souza             Sports Coach
  15. Sir. Myoung Gil Lee             Taekwondo Coach
  16. Sir. Jung Ha Won                  Taekwondo Coach
  17. Mr. Saibaba Shetty               Administration

All the staff in the school are dedicated towards their work and are pouring out their knowledge on students for betterment of their future.