At present Mahima International Christian School is located in Row houses Number. 85 & 82. Though it is small but the teachings are really high and excellent. The teachers appointed every year are based on the qualification. B.Ed teachers are appointed for the Secondary Section as per the rules of the government.

Sports also has been started for the children’s entertainment form last year football is taught by a Brazilian coach Sir Dimas De’Souza and computer classes as extracurricular activity are being conducted from this year. Music classes are held every Fridays as a special subject in the school Mrs. Sarita Vaz (8th Grade Piano Forte from U.K.) is the teacher appointed to teach music. Singing and Piano are the two parts music is taught to the children. Mahima School Future Vision is to have its own established building. To give each child a wonderful schooling life so that they have the best memory stored within themselves.

To participate in all the inter-school completion held by the government as well as private organization to expose children into this competing world. Dance & Drama are also being taught to students for special occasion.